LEKHNO, DAVID (d. 1735), scholar living in the Crimean community of karasubazar (Belogorsk). His family name indicates his Polish origin. A leader of the Karasubazar community, Lekhno was also respected by the Karaites of Crimea. His extant works include an introduction to Maḥzor Minhag Kafa, which contains information on the way of life of Crimean Jewry; Mishkan David, on Hebrew grammar; and Devar Sefatayim, a history of the kingdoms of the Tatar khans in Crimea (the first chapters were published by Y.D. Markon in Devir, 2 (1924, 243–7). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: A.A. Harkavy, Altjuedische Denkmaeler in der Krim (1876), 230–2. (Yehuda Slutsky)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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